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     How you can Help

To fight these greedy Congressional incumbents and the power

elite who support them.  We need your  donations to educate the

people and to expand our Internet and media exposure.  It

is up to you, please  help  us help you and take our country back.

Between now and the Election our Congress is continuing  to  get us  deeper and deeper in debt; making more money for themselves and  their

The American people are sick and tired of all the lies, fraud and corruption that goes on in Congress. It is obvious that the Congress is bought and paid for by the rich and powerful not the average American. It is time the people tell every single member of Congress that is coming up for reelection.


We must start draining the swamp.  How can the American people do this without violence? All American people have to do is not vote for the Congressperson running for reelection. This will destroy the Corrupt relationships the Congressperson has with the lobbyists who represent the rich and powerful. The New Congress will be free to pass the necessary and proper legislation to stop future fraud and corruption.