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" Beware of the quite man.  For while other speak.  He watches.  And when other act, he plans. And when they finally rest...he strikes"

  My Name is Thomas Galt Founder of the New American Revolution it is time we take our county back 


We need your input, because God did not give me an all knowing brain; that the members of Congress believe they have. Please keep in mind we are a non-violent movement dedicated to convincing the American Votes not to vote for all of the incumbents running for congress in the primaries and the General Election on November 2020.


    Spread the word about the New American Revolution by telling everybody you know.  However also tell them if any pollster call just say "I am voting for the incumbent"  This will cause all the Members of Congress to rest believing they are safe for another term.  While they rest we strike by not voting for any incumbents.   Can you imagine how supersize they will be went they are voted out of office.  We are the silent majority it is time for us to act. 

´╗┐Please Donate what you can and help us save our country