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       The American people are sick and tired of the lies, fraud corruption and confusion that goes on in our Federal Government in Washington DC;  it is obvious that the congress is bought and payed for by the rich and powerful that use the Deep State to get their power and money.  The congress has an approval rating of 17% and has run up a deficit of 22 Trillion Dollars. It is time the people tell every single member of Congress running  for re-election.   


        How can the American do this without violence?  Very simple all they have to do is not vote for any incumbent that is running for reelection in the primaries and general election in 2020.  This will destroy all the relationships the Congress has with the Rich and Powerful; because they will be out of office and will not have any power to serve the wants and needs of the Deep State who cater to the rich and powerful. 

Please Donate what you can and help us take our country back