The Deep State has caused millions of jobs to be exported to China and other country where labor is cheap.  This has destroyed the self-esteem of many Americans causing them to take drugs to stop the constant pain of losing their jobs and self-respect.  Obscene profits for the Deep State and despair for the American Workers causing them to become Drug Addicts.  Members of Congress took away the American Workers Self-Respect for money and devise laws to continue their addition; so they won't wake up to see what happen to them.  Who among us has been speared the agony of witnessing the self-destruction of a love one by the Opioid Crises? 

    The hard cold facts; 666,441 are the total amount of combat deaths in all the US wars compared to more than a million US Citizens OD deaths since 1900.  It is estimated that 500,000 people will die because of Opioids in the next decade; that will come out to 5 million deaths before the end of the 21 century, and Congress knows this.  The Deep State has been promoting the Opioid Epidemic by passing “The Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016 (EPAEDEA)” making billions for their clients.

     The Congress has passed the EEPAEDEA which is a bill that systematically harasses the DEA from slowing down the Opioid Epidemic.  Joseph Rannazzisi a dedicated and moral man has fought for the enforcement of our laws and worked with Linden Barber DEA lawyer to successfully prosecute the companies that are making opioids available to unqualified criminals.  D Linden Barber and many of our best and brightest lawyers who use to work for the DEA and help enforce the Drug laws did a great job.  Then they caught Potomac Fever and are now are working for the Drug Companies, Law Firm and Lobbying groups that are systematically making a ton of money to help Drug Companies to make more money by taking away the tools necessary for the DEA to slow down the Opioid Epidemic that are latterly killing us.

     The DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge John J. Mulroney has concluded in article he has written for the Marquette Law Review; “at a time when, by all accounts, opioid abuse, addiction and deaths were increasing markedly” the new law “imposed a dramatic diminution of the agency’s authority,” In effect, making it close to impossible for the DEA to protect us from the distribution of these Opioid Drugs that are killing us.

     Political action committees have contributed at least $ 1.5 Million to the 23 lawmakers who sponsored or co-sponsored four version of the EEPAEDEA. The Sponsor of The Bill Rep Tom Marino has received $ 100,000, and his co-sponsor Rep Marsh Blackburn (D TN) received $ 150,000.   On the Senate side Senator, Hatch (R UT) has received $ 177,000.  “Come on Man” it is obvious these legislators are on the take  

     We need a new congress that is willing to do the will of the people to change the laws that will protect us.  We need term limitations, public financing of elections and laws that prohibit federal employees from getting jobs for more money to hamper the work of the agencies they use to work for.  Join the New American Revolution and take our country back from these evil people who will profit from our misery.

     The administration and Congress so they say are repealing EEPAEDEA and had Rep Tom Marino a removed for consideration as Drug Czar.  Senator Claire McCaskill D-MO introduced a bill to repeal the EEPAEWDEA. The bill was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee for review on October 16, 2017.  Do the math whatever the day you read this article count the day from October 16. 2017 and time by 200 will be the amount of deaths that occurred because of the Opioid Epidemic?  While the bill is being considered for repeal people continue to die, and the Drug Companies will continue to make profits off their deaths.