Our members of Congress are very sick with Potomac fever a form of Psychiatric Cancer. Potomac fever is a mental illness caught by members of Congress that corrupt their sense of morality and reality. The longer the members of Congress stay in Washington and being constantly exposed to the cancer. They get sicker and spread the diseases that contaminate what is left of our honest Federal Civil Servants.

                These sick members of Congress are convincing the voters to believe they are working for their interest and not the Deep State and their supporters. As the cancer spreads, they begin to believe God has given them special right that puts them above the law; that governs us mortals. They invite special-interest groups to write the laws believing that they have the people’s interest; when their only interest is profit. The more power and money they have; increases their feeling of invincibility that they cannot do anything wrong. 

                Many ex-member of Congress after losing or resigning their seat become lobbyist and make more money. This extra money is a reward for loyal service to the deep state. 

They become a carrier of the disease. Like Typhoid Mary, they contaminate our political system, and the cancer spreads not only in Washington but all the State Governments and local governments. Some say not all members of Congress are corrupt; however, we must be like a surgeon who must cut out some good tissue to get all of the cancer. 

                This fall the voters must remove all the members of Congress from office and pass laws not letting them become a lobbyist. It is the only way to defend our democracy from this cancer. The New Congress can begin to repair our democracy after most of the Cancer has been cut out of our body politic. The new Congress can start passing:

                        · A balance budget amendment

                        · Term limitation in the constitution.

                ·   Civil-service reform, preventing our civil-service worker getting jobs with companies they had                  to do business with for our government.

            Many of our civil servants get jobs after retirement at higher wagers; which is really a bribe for helping their new employers ripping us off.

            At last count 445 former members of Congress became lobbyist. Also listed are former federal workers, Congressional Staff Members, and many more. Just click on to the site.