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    The Black Law Dictionary definition of a syndicate (The Deep State) as "an association of individuals, formed for conducting and carrryng out some particular transaction, ordinary of a financial character, in which the members are mutually interested." In Washington, we have the Deep State. The Deep State is made up of 435 representatives, 100 senators, 1500 executive-level political appointments, approximately 12,000 registered lobbyists and the Federal Bureaucracy. 

    The Deep State has approximately 14,035 members all dedicated to the reelection of the representatives and senators and to increase the power, money and influence of the Deep State. The Deep State uses the resources of the government for the financial gain for the clients of the lobbyists. They are approximately 1:22 ratio between the congressperson, senators, and political appointee to the lobbyists. The lobbyist spend about 3.2 billion dollars - approximately 1% $ 572,481 per congressperson, senator, and appointee. With so much money being spread around, no wonder our Congress members are corrupt.

    The Deep State power has been created by many years of relationships between the lobbyist, our elected representatives,  political appointees and the Federal Bureaucracy. The Deep State is responsible for the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and the American Tax payers is getting deeper and deeper in debt to the rich.  

    With all this money, the lobbyist has managed to make trillions for their clients and get 95% of the Congress reelected despite a 17% congressional approval rating and they want more, and they will get it if we let them. 

That is why our national deficit is 

22 Trillion Dollars

     All we have to do is not vote for the incumbent running for reelection, and the whole corrupt house of cards will collapse. Corrupt relationships that were built over the years will be dissolved.  When the new congressperson goes to Washington, DC to take their seat; the lobbyist will not know whom to bribe and who will be wired.


    It is time we take our country back; What can you do?  .Spread the word about the New American Revolution by telling your friends about us now.  The Deep State have millions to promote their causes.       

    Hate is the most toxic element in the Universe. There is a lot of Hate infecting our Congress, that is why we have to send them back home and away from the power that can hurt us. Please donate as much as you can, so we can stop the hate. 

Please donate what you can so we can take our country back