The American people are mad as hell with lies, fraud, corruption, and political partisan fighting in Congress initiated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and supported by the Deep State, the Democrats, Socialist, American Communist, BLM, and ANTIFA.   The Congressional dissatisfaction by the people is reflected by a 10% approval rating of Congress's performance.  Insanity is repeating the same mistake again.  We must stop the insanity of re-electing the same lies, fraud, corruption, and political infighting, which caused Congress to become dysfunctional.  It is time for the voters to tell every single Democrat running for re-election.




          How can the voters do this without violence?  All the voters must do is not vote for the Democrats in the general election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.  This will destroy the corrupt relationships that they have with the CCP, Deep State, Socialist, ANTIFA, and BLM.


           For ten years, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has used a new military tactic MOOTW (Military Operations Other Than War).  The democrats/socialists have close ties with the CCP and want to get rid of Donald Trump and the Republicans.  The Democrats have allowed the CCP the go-ahead causing Chaos using:  Wuhan Virus, ANTIFA, and BLM. 


As of this writing, the uses of MOOTW and the CCP Coronavirus have caused more damage to the United Stats’s civilian population, than all our wars in our history without firing a shot.  The CCP has killed over 210,000 of our Citizens, sickness in the millions, anxiety, our economy coming to a dead stop, millions of workers to lose their jobs, costing 2 trillion dollars, and causing 80% of our population to go into isolation to avoid infection. 

           In 2019, the House Intelligence Committee was engaged in a partisan impeachment hearing against President Trump and neglected to investigate China’s plans for world domination.  In January of this year, the House and the Senate were distracted by Impeachment, while the Wuhan Virus was growing and spreading all over the world.  Senator Tom Cotton in Mid-January of 2020 tried to bring attention to Information about a virus infecting citizens in Wuhan, China.  The Senate and the President were so engrossed by the impeachment; they ignored Senator Cotton warning about the new virus, causing loss of time and American Lives.


            The Democrats have caused a 22 Trillion-dollar deficit, Jobs, Manufacturing loss, and control of our supply chain to China, and over 212,000 American lives lost to the Wuhan Coronavirus.  It is obvious to the American people; the Democrats are under the control of the CCP, and their subsidiaries ANTIFA, BLM, the Power Elite, Media, and the Deep State.


            We must dismantle the corrupt relationships that have developed over the years between Democrats and the CCP.  The influence of the Deep Sate’s Lobbyist, Federal Bureaucracy, Foreign Countries, BLM, ANTIFA, and Special-Interest Groups, which has created our present Economic Crisis and chaos in our streets to achieve their short-term profits, must come to a stop.  We must not vote for Democratic incumbent running for re-election.  This will cause the whole corrupt system to fall apart without firing a shot.  Help us drain the swamps and save our country. Hard-earned money and freedoms. 


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