The american people are mad as hell with the lies, fraud, corruption and political partisian fighting in Congress, and they are not going to take it anymore.  This dissatisfaction is reflected by a 17% approval rating of Congress performance.  Insanity is repeating the same mistake again.  We must stop the insanity of re-electing the same congressperson that perpetuates lies, fraud, corruption and political infighting which cause Congress to become dysfunctional.  It is the time for the voters to tell every single member of Congress running for re-election.


          How can the American people do this without violence?  All the American voters have to do is votes against incumbent in the primary elections and the general election on Tuesday November 3, 2020.  This will destroy the corrupt relationships that members of Congress have with the Deep State who represents the rich and powerful, not the American people.


        On December 1, 2011 Bob Schieffer of CBS reported, “Congress is totally dysfunctional”.  Even President Obama complained that Congress was not doing its job. Congressional dysfunction has been going on for years and will continue.  It is time for a complete overhaul of this Dysfunctional Congress; we must replace the old partisan Congress with a new congress that can begin to bring back bi-partisan compromising legislation.  When the voters replace all the incumbents, we can begin the process of healing our legislative process.  A new Congress can pass legislation for election reform, balance our budget and begin to drain the swamp.



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