Despite the laws to make corruption legal; some greedy politicians believed they are above the law. Click on the site to see name's politicians and officials convicted of crimes.

            At he bottom of Wikipedia article you will see the see in the "also see a section" the State and Local Politicians and Officials convinced to crimes. This corruption is infecting our whole political system, the list has hundreds and maybe a thousand names.  When the great majority of politicians are not sent to jail, it caused other officials to get on the gravy train and become corrupt. This has a multiplyer effect the more politicans that get away with corruption cause the other to become corrupt. 

            The best way to get this done is to elect a new congress which will pledge to a balance budget and term limitations. A majority vote by the House and Senate can get the constitutional amendment process rolling. In our next article, we have a corruption pledge all candidates must sign to get our endorsement. The site below shows an outline of what we want the pledge to look like. If you have any suggestions please go to our contact page.

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