Dark Money is used to shape our elections without revealing the source of the money.  The corporations have been gaining political power by bribing politicians and avoiding accountability with laws passed by Congress and interpreted by the Supreme Court to protect the                                            


        The Dark Money hides the identity of the original donor by using special-interest groups with titles that give the illusion that they are for policy’s that the people want implemented. Common sense dictates that if a member of Congress receives money, free advertising and damaging advertising (Wrap up Smear) for his opponent from special-interest groups, of course  he knows the identity of the contributor and is obligated to him.  This is a quid pro quo relationship.  Big Polluter sends money to a Special interest group and the Special interest group (example Advocates for Clean Air) Donates money and or advertising to Corrupt Politician Campaign Corrupt Politician is obligated to support legislation advantages for Bill Polluter Inc. 


          If the voter goes to the Corrupt Politicians web site, he sees the contribution list, but does not know the source list of Contributors.  Below are fictitious examples. 


The Clean Air Fund (CAF)Big Polluters Inc
Drug Pricing Reform Group (DPRG)Big Drug Companies
Civil Rights for People of Collor CRPCThe Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
The Left Wing Pacthe Right Wing Pac

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