Dysfunctional Congress

                We need an overhaul the present dysfunctional Congress; with a new Congress that can bring back by-partisan compromise legislation.   The strangle hold that Deep State, has on our legislative process must be broken.  We must pass term limitation, election reforms and a constitution amendment to balance the budget.  The incumbents will never agree to any reforms that are contrary to the interest of the Deep State. The voters must replace the old Congress with new Congress.


                They are five reasons why Congress is broken and must be replaced by a new Congress.


1:       MONEY:  Money is the mother’s milk of politics. It is also the root of all evil.  Most Congresspersons spend half of their working hours raising money for re-election at special party call centers.   Most of the money comes from K street lobbies that are essential part of the Deep State. It has represented clients who want Congress to help clients by passing favorable legislation.  The Congressperson is also pressured to raise money for his party. The more money he raises for his party the better committee seat he gets.  It boils down one thing. Money is needed to get elected and to get a powerful committee seat. The money the Congressperson gets from the Deep State obligates to his loyalty to it.    If he does not pass the legislation that Deep State wants, the congressperson will get less money for a re-election campaign.  If this is stopped congress will not be burden with corrupt relationships. Then a less corrupt Congress will do the people’s will, not that of the Deep State.


2:       MAPS:  A diverse congressional district causes the flow of new and exciting ideas that   Congressperson can get from the voters.  This has been destroyed by gerrymandering that causes the congressional district to be turned into a niche of partisan and becomes less diverse.  The lack of diversity is causing the congressperson and his constituents to become more partisan in their political philosophy.  If we plan our congressional districts in a square off pattern, this will stop the gerrymandering that goes all over the state and will increase diversity.


3:      MEDIA:  In their obsessive pursuit for better ratings, which increases advertising revenue placates the parent company and their subsidiaries. The media promoting conflicts between Political Parties, which appeal to partisan readers. The fake news reinforces these prejudices with lies and half-truths.  The Free Press was created by our founding fathers to protect us from a corrupt government.  The press was commonly called the fourth estate.   Today the fourth estate is a tool for the Deep State to distort news for the benefit Deep State interest.  How can we expect a Media outlet to expose corruption that benefits a drug companies that spend millions of dollars advertising in the Media?


4.      MINGLING:  Strong personal relationships among congressmen have caused a bipartisan legislative process. The result is compromise.  Because of improvements in transportation (Jets are faster than Stagecoaches) congressperson to leave DC.  This prevents them from developing close social relationships.  The time they use to solicit money interferes with time to develop relationships between each other.  This isolation causes the Deep State to have a greater influence on the Congressperson.


5:      MASOCHISM:  Influence by Money, Maps, Media and less mingling causes the Congress person to become less effective and their dreams champions of the people is shattered.   He is forced to pass bills the Deep State wants instead the people’s wishes.  Since the people are not paying close attention, he continues to get re-elected. Causing him to moves further from the people’s washes. He must satisfy the hand who feeds him the Deep State. 


           The Congress has become dysfunctional by being maneuvered into partisan political groups.  They reject compromise that produces good legislation for the needs of all American people of both parties. This chaos has weakened the Congresspersons resistance.  They are on a treadmill to provide appropriation's bills for money feeding the Deep State. They have built our national deficit to $ 23 trillion dollars.   As time goes by, more and more appropriation bills are passed with higher prices for goods and services for the government.  So far, this year the House has passed 70 bills.  The impeachment hearing has caused so much chaos and spending half their time soliciting money.  If they had time to look into 10 Billion-Dollar military appropriation bills for the War in Afghanistan that our generals have deemed a hopeless would have been rejected.   Ten bills have been passed for renaming federal post offices and Veterans Affairs facilities, in addition to extending the National Flood Insurance and the 9/11 Victims fund.  Many of the bills passed this year are about the impeachment inquiry. The Senate has concentrated on judiciary appointment and has not reviewed any bills passed by the House.  Bills for infrastructure, lower drug prices, pre-existing conditions for health insurance and better benefits for vets have been put on hold until after the impeachment trial.  


        It is time for a complete overhaul of the dysfunctional Congress. We must replace the old partisan Congress with a new congress that can begin to bring back by-partisan compromise legislation.   We must pass term limitations to break the power of the Deep State, a constitution amendment to balance which will curtail the deficit and election finance reforms that prevent long term corrupt relationships.  Only if we replace all the incumbents can we break the long-term relationships with the Deep State which took years to build.   A brand-new Congress will begin the process of healing our legislative process without the long-term relationships with the Deep State.  The time is now to Fire all the incumbents and start refresh with a new Congress for the people.



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