How Corruption Works

                             I just got finish reading Peter Schweizer’s new book “Profiles in Corruption”  You can purchase the book " Profiles in Corruption"at  

                        After you read this book you will be convinced that the only way to repair our Democracy and bring back power and money to the people; is by replacing all the members of Congress Running for Re-Election.  Only a new congress will have the ability to overhaul the government. 


                What I learned from this new book is how the complex relationships between, Lobbies, Friends, and Families work in together to rip us off and build personal fortunes for our elected officials and their friends and family. 


                When a Politician starts his carrier he wants to be a Champaign of the people and do the right thing for God and Country.  He gets involved with our political system; which rewards corruption.  He is like a Virgin who goes to work in a House of Prostitution.  It does not take long for the Virgin to turn into a Prostitute.


                Money is the mother’s milk of politics and it takes a lot of money.  Money buys power which is needed to survive in our Present Political System.  When you get into office one of the first temptations is to get a job for a family member; you use your influence to get a job for your family member but it come at a price, you are now obligated to the employer. A couple of months later he calls and ask for a favor could you please do me a favor by voting for a bill that will benefit my company.  You agree because you were going to vote for the bill any way.  When you run for re-election you need money and the Family member’s employer sends you some money for your campaign and he says this is for being a friend.  Your brother in law has just started a law practice and you relay this opportunity to party leaders they said no problem we will send your brother in law some legal work; by the way can you do the party a favor.   You have a brother who owns a contracting business and he need business.  You ask around for any work for your brother, a governmental agency sure we can give your brother some business, by the way can you do us a favor.  Could you vote for this bill that will help us and we will help you.  This bill benefits a company that does work for the government.  Two months later the government employee slips into a high paying job at the company that does work for the government.  He is so grateful he and his new company sent you campaign contributions.  Once world gets around you are doing all these favors for your family, friends and political allies; they begin to call you for favors.  Then you notice that a lot of money is being contributed to your political campaign for doing all these favors at the expense of the American Taxpayer.  So much money is coming in; you begin to entertain running for President just like: Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker.   


                Corruption is so entrenched in our system of government; we need to purge all of the members that contribute to the Corruption.    

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