Manufacturing of Consent

                  A reporter works for Honest Media Outlet Inc wrote a story that will prove beyond a shadow of doubt a member of Congress has taken bribes from Bad Drug Inc and they are selling drugs that are killing thousands of American citizens. What will happen to your story when he submitted it to his editor?    
                          Honest Media Outlet Inc is owned by Big Conglomerate Inc. One of Big Conglomerate Inc subsidiaries is Bad Drug Inc. Bad Drug Inc also spends millions of dollars in advertising to Honest Media Outlet Inc.

                        When you submit your story to your editor. He tells the reporter first the good news if publish:
                The story will cause criminal corruption charges against the Member of Congress and the                         companies which paid the Bribes. The story will save thousands of lives and you will get you a                    Pulitzer.

    The bad news is in today’s political climate, this story cannot be published because:

                Bad Drugs Inc spends millions of dollars for advertising at Honest Media Outlet.             
                Bad Drugs is owned by Big Conglomerate who also owns Honest Media Outlet, Inc.
                If published the editor, reporter will be fired, and a lot of good people whom they work with                        will be fired.

               This is a fictitious story that is based on real events that happen every day. Many members of Congress take bribes from companies who have ties to major news outlets and spend millions of dollars in advertising benefiting media outlets. The member of Congress knows these big media companies will protect them.

               Many corrupt executives of our major corporations are arranging mergers with Big Media Conglomerates to protect themselves and their company from criminal charges. They will also continue to get big bonus with impunity knowing that they are protected to continue their evil ways even if it kills thousand of Americans

                    The News Media is also known as the Fourth Estate which is suppose to be a check and balance on the, Congress, judiciary and the executive. The Fourth Estate has been neutralized, and the Deep State is continuing to rip us off knowing that they are protected by the Fourth Estate.  

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