If we are to replace the unscrupulous members of Congress who are we going to replace them with?  They are the many decent and brilliant people that are ready, willing and able to run for Congress and replace the current corrupt members of Congress and Drain the Swamp.  These good and talented people must take the Anti-Corruption Pledge to show good faith.  The present members of Congress will never pass this Anti-Corruption Act; that is why we must say to them in the primary and general election of 2020.


Click on blow to get a text of the Anti-Corruption act that only the new members of Congress can pass.

All we have to do is not vote for the incumbent running for reelection, and the whole corrupt house of cards will collapse. Corrupt relationships that were built over the years will be dissolved. When the new congresspersons goes to Washington, DC to take their seat; the lobbyist will not know whom to bribe and who will be wired.

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