The 2020 Election

        The election on November 3, 2020, is the most important election in the history of the United States of America.  The election will determine if we are continuing our Democracy or change to socialism/communism form of government.  To help you make your decision; we must be aware of four forces that will affect our future, The Media, The American President, the America Deep State and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) 


·         The Media


          The media is the fourth estate and was used as a check and balance of the President and Congress. Today the media is influenced by the CCP, which has full control of everything that happens in China.  If the media outlet’s parent company does business with China, they are obligated to run favorable stories about China and the CCP. If they something if published unfavorably to the CCP they will lose business in China.  Think about it has any of the Mainstream Media (other than Fox and Epoch Times) had any stories that reflected poorly on the CCP?  The answer to that question is zero.


·         The American President


          The president is directly elected by the American People and has executive power over the government. 


          The American Deep State


          o   The Congress

          o   Lobbyist and their clients

          o   The Federal Bureaucracy


        The Deep State is made up of these three parts.  Nothing important happens without the support of these three elements by the Federal Government Except A Presidential Order.   The Deep State is an informal consortium that uses our tax dollars for their mutual benefit.   Congress wants to get re-elected; the Federal bureaucracy wants power for the benefit of its members and Lobbyists, and their clients want to make money. The America Deep State is not under the control of a person or a group of persons.  Money is the mother’s milk of power and the lobbyist, and their clients distribute millions of dollars to make billions of dollars to members of the Congress and the Federal Bureaucracy.


        CCP (Chinese Communist Party)


            o   The Chinese Deep State

            o   The Chinese Chairman of the Communist Party

            o   The Central Committee (Politburo)


            The CCP is the Deep State on steroids in China.  They have absolute power over the Chinese people and Deep State.  Nothing happens in China without the approval of the CCP.


            The more power the American Deep State has the more they want. They envy their Chinese cousins the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) who have absolute power over the Chinese people, economy, and military.  The dream of all the Deep State operatives is to have complete control over the people of the United States just like their Chinese cousins. 


            Ever since the Chinese Revolution of 1949, the CCP has been planning to become the dominant power in the world, and the United States is in the way.   


            In one of his most revealing quotes, Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism.” The Democratic Party is leaning toward socialism. Socialism is a forerunner of communism.   Socialism promises free medical care, education and The Deep State in Washington know what is best for the American People. Once the people become dependent on the socialist state the state turns into a Communist state.  The communist then consolidates their power buy suppressing any dissent, by re-education programs, prisons, and executions.


            The Communist-inspired teachers in the United States have systematically taught our children to believe the Federal State has the duty and right to run our lives. The principles of democracy, self-reliance, and respect for the rule of law are irrelevant and considered old fashioned. Respects for your parents, grandparents, religion, history, and traditions are roadblocks to the Deep States power.  They teach our children. you can do whatever you want that makes you happy, and you should not be intimidated by family influences.  The Teacher has lowered academic standards, competition, and the grading system.  They have taught all our children all of them are winners and gives them rewards for mediocrity work performances. Our teaches have:


            ·         Eliminate prayers and any expression of religion in schools.

            ·         Infiltrate churches and replace true religion with “social” religion.

            ·         Discredit the U.S. Constitution and America’s Founding Fathers.

            ·         Infiltrate and gain control of the labor union movement. 

            ·         Infiltrate and gain control of the teacher’s associations.

            ·         Use schools as transmission belts for socialist indoctrination.

            ·         Break down traditional cultural standards; discredit the family as an institution. 


            Our children have been infected by Communist ideology by their teachers.  They can now be used as fodder for the New American Communist revolution that is going on in our streets. They tried in 1970 and failed.  In 1970, they used blacks to fight their war of the revolution, and they failed. In 2020, they are using our black brothers and sisters to restart their revolution.  


            On January 1, 2020, began the Chaotic twenties of the 21st century.   The United States was on the road to prosperity and dismantling the power of the Deep State and the CCP.  The CCP and the Deep State were panicking and had to do something.    They needed to do something that will cause chaos and provide them with the opportunity to reverse the power drain and continue the Communist Revolution.   Then the CCP virus hit us at the beginning of the year. 


            The COVIT-19 virus was created in China to release the forces that will increase the CCP power over the American people buy slowing down our economy and our moral.  However, they needed a spark to start their revolution.  George Floyd was that spark.  The CCP used the Media to cause chaos in our cities to gain power and threaten them with the withdrawal of business from their parent company if they did not cooperate. 


            They used the Black disenfranchised people to start a protest for BLM, just like they did in the 1970es.  The communist moved the protester to rioters using trained ANTIFA agitators to fan the flames of revolution.  The Communists and their partners in the Democratic Party hampered the police from bring law and order to our street and stop the momentum of the revolution.  The Democrats exacerbated chaos by destroying the morale of the police under their control, by not supporting them and started programs to defund the police.  This emboldens the rioters causing more death, destruction of private property, and terrorizing law-abiding citizens of their cities.


            Police brutality is a myth promoted by the CCP’s control of the Media. In the past 20 years, at least 17 police officers in the United States have been charged with crimes for their actions in line-of-duty shootings. None of these officers, though, was convicted of murder and most were not convicted of anything.  However, the Fake News networks made a lot of money in extra advertising revenue for publishing fake news stories.  The Communist BLM political movement gains more power and money by convincing the Black community they are being oppressed. 


            The CCP does not believe in diversity and racial equality in its population.  They have the policy to get rid of all immigrants and races with an ethic purity policy. Any other culture in China is a threat to the CCP control.  Adolf Hitler had the same policy of ethnic purity in Nazi Germany designed to have full control over the German People.


            ANTIFA a communist-backed political action group that uses BLM as a springboard for their excuses for rioting which causes chaos that loot the business community.  It has been observed that ANTIFA leaders take peaceful protesters and whip them up to such a frenzy, they start looting.  In Chicago, they hire U-Hauls before the riots they created, to take away the loot.  Some BLM leaders say that the looting is justified as reparations for white oppression thus giving the rioters the moral authority to loot. This is contrary to America's morals of getting something for not working for it and another nail in the coffin of American values that made our country the greatest nation in the History of the World.   


            The CCP virus's effect on American life is beginning to disappear, and our economy is coming back.  The CCP, the Deep State, and Fake News must stop the economy to control the narrative to stay in power.  They use their power to give the American People the impression that we are heading to death and destruction by President Donald Trump.

            The CCP controlled Fake News by the threat of withholding advertising dollars and hampering the economic progress their parent companies which were profiting from doing business in China.


            All during the History of the United States, the Deep State has been un-checked. They have methodically taken away your freedom and increased your taxes and distributed your hard-earned tax dollars to their friends with sweetheart contracts for goods and services.  The CCP is their best friend with the Deep State for giving them sweetheart trade deals, costing American jobs. 


            This election, the Deep State wants to decrease the people’s power to choose and force you to do what they want you to be do, taking away your choices.  The Deep State wants to destroy the American Culture and History to gain control over us.  Traditional American values get in their way.  Like the traditional value of thrift and avoiding Debt.  The traditional value of thrift slows the Deep State’s cash flow, preventing the Deep State from getting extra cash, causing a 26 Trillion-dollar deficit. 


            The Deep State systematically destroys the family, which is an enemy of the deep state because it is the Family teaches American Values of independent think, the influence of the Mother and Father, and the church.  The Deep State support homosexuals because it destroys the love of a man for a woman who keeps the family together.  They make it easy for families to break up by welfare programs that discourage stay at home fathers.  They promote abortion that will destroy a life that could be used to bind a man and women together and promote American Values.  Their goal is to isolate you and control you.  In George Orwell’s 1984 the central character Winston Smith doubts about the government was systematically changed by destroying his love for a woman, his self-esteem, and dignity making him loyal fully controlled citizen for the oppressive government under Big Brother.


            The unity of the people is an enemy of the Deep State and the CCP because it prevents them from controlling the people.  They say that one group is oppressed, and the other group is a privilege while discouraging any members of these groups to play by the rules, prospers, have intact families, and teach their children American values.  The Deep State encourages illegal immigration to take away the jobs of the Legal American citizens to take away the income that makes them independent causing both legal and illegal workers to become dependent on the Deep States.  The more illegal immigrants who come into our country the more power the Deep State has to steal your money.  Everything the Deep State does is to control the people and their money.


            A message to our black brothers and sisters, the Deep State and the CCP is using you as fodder for their Communist Revolution.  You are being hustled by your leaders who promise you everything and give you nothing. Your leaders are rewarded by the Deep State by giving them opportunities to rip off government programs to enrich themselves and their friends.  If they win, they will continue to use and abuse the people and their families.  If a citizen’s complaints, they will send them to re-education centers (The Plantation), and if you cannot be re-educated, they will execute you.  Look at what they are doing to your black brothers and sisters in China. 


            It is up to voters in the 2020 Federal, State, and Local elections. Do you want an American Democracy and freedom to run your own life as you see fit or give power to the Deep State and Democratic/Socialist/Communist party and lose your freedom and control over your life?  If the Democratic/Socialist/Communist wins, your country will be turned into another satellite of the CCP, and you will lose everything.  Your family, home, religion, traditions, freedoms, and dignity just like Wilson Smith did in 1984.


            Close your eyes and imagine yourself being alone, afraid, and living in darkness living in the Wilson Smith 1984 nightmare.   It up to you to stand up and be unafraid knowing you are in control of your life by living in a Democracy made up of laws for the people elected by the people, not the Deep State and the CCP.


            Optional Reading:


·         George Orwell’s “1984”

·         Un-Restricted Warfare by Col Qiao Liang and Col Wang Xiangsui.

·         The Hundred-Year Marathon “China’s Secret Strategy to Replace American as a Global Superpower”.

·         "Throw them all Out" by Peter Schweizer, great insight on how the Deep State works.





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