The Ultimate Weapon is you a citizen who believes it time for a change and will tell your friends about the New American Revolution. Your friends will tell their friends and their friends will spread the word.  It is called the Multiplier effect.


            By using stealth we will confuse and confound the enemy. Please take this little poem into consideration.

“Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches. And while others act, he plans.

And when they finally rest … he strikes”


            As you spread the world about the New American Revolution tell all your friends about us. If you get a phone call or a letter from the media or polling companies tell them that you support the incumbent 100%.  This will cause the Power elite to believe everything is under control when it is not; this strategy protects the New American Revolution from interference from the Power Elite giving them the false impression, we are not important.   Let them tell the American public that all the incumbents will win in a landslide. On Election Day the media will be surprised again when the whole Congress is voted out of office.  If all the incumbents who are voted out of office try to overturn the election; we will have to explore other options.


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